The Posada del Arquitecto originated in the 90´s, when Mazunte was a rural and uninhabited beach. When friends travelled through we needed to put together comfortable spaces for them to stay in, and so we spontaneously began to develop some palm structures and rustic cabins. These were built using the principles of Bioarquitecture, the natural materials found in the region, and a process of learning and adapting the typical techniques of the local people.

With the passage of time and the collaboration of old and new allies, the Posada del Arquitecto has become less spartan and much more comfortable, without losing the relaxed spirit of a big home where friends are always welcome.

We keep striving to respect our surroundings, which is why the cabañas are built in harmony with the original natural elements of this place. Please help us to protect and preserve the living plants and animals you encounter during your stay.

Today the Posada del Arquitecto offers its guests/friends a multifaceted experience, including yoga, massage, an impressive view of the bay from the cabañas, and free Wi-Fi connections. The beach is so close that the rhythm of breaking waves will become the soundtrack for your stay.

We hope that you enjoy your time with us.

Our Mission: “At this key moment for the planet´s ecology, one of our most important commitments is the capacity to offer the advantages of modern commodities while instigating an eco-sustainable form of tourism that is socially and culturally responsible. We strive for our project to contribute towards the improvement of the community and the surrounding natural environment, and for others to be inspired to work in the same way. "

Our rooms

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