Algunas informacciónes acerca la Posada del Arquitecto, su lugar y los habitantes de Mazunte:

breve historia de la posada del arquitecto

The Posada del Arquitecto was born in the early 90s, when Mazunte was still a wild, virtually uninhabited beach. There were no access roads at that time. In 1989, Guido, the Architect, who was already familiar with this stretch of the Oaxacan coast, discovered an amazing spot lost in time, Mazunte, where he fell in love with this virgin beach and decided to build himself a house. Many friends from around the world wanted to visit this incredible place, and soon they began to show up. Inhabitable accommodations were required for their comfort. Thus began the evolution, almost spontaneously, of the Posada, starting with a few rustic palapas and cabañas that were built with local natural materials, experimenting with the principles of bio-architecture, while discovering, adapting, and developing the traditional construction techniques in this region – an entertaining and fascinating game for an architect.

In 1997, Hurricane Paulina caused severe damage in this part of Mexico, destroying much of the Posada and necessitating repairs and reconstruction. The first cabañas were thus transformed into more solid, safe and comfortable structures, while preserving the minimalist style that utilizes the area’s natural, living materials. The overgrown hill that was the setting for the Posada’s earliest rustic palapas gradually became a garden.

With the passage of time and the collaboration of old and new allies, the Posada del Arquitecto has become less spartan and much more comfortable, without losing the relaxed spirit of a big home where friends are always welcome.

We keep striving to respect our surroundings, which is why the cabañas are built in harmony with the original natural elements of this place. Please help us to protect and preserve the living plants and animals you encounter during your stay.

Today the Posada del Arquitecto offers its guests/friends a multifaceted experience, including yoga, massage, an impressive view of the bay from the cabañas, and free Wi-Fi connections. The beach is so close that the rhythm of breaking waves will become the soundtrack for your stay.

We hope that you enjoy your time with us.

Pagina 12

Playas casi deshabitadas, acantilados y rocas erosionadas por el viento y el mar que forman torres y túneles. En ese paisaje onírico de la costa sobre el Pacífico del estado de Oaxaca, está Mazunte, un pueblito de pescadores con cabañas sobre los cerros frente a una bahía de aguas color esmeralda. Un lugar donde sólo se trata de estar allí...


Mazunte is a small beach town on the Pacific coast in Oaxaca, Mexico(15.66485°N 96.55388°W). Mazunte is located 22 km soutwest of San Pedro Pochutla on coastal Highway 200. Mazunte is located some 10 km to the west of Puerto Angel and just about 1 km from San Agustinillo and 264 km south of the capital of Oaxaca. There are two etymologies for the name...


Mazunte pare debba il suo nome a un granchio azzurro che abbonda su queste spiagge, però, stando all’antica lingua náhuatl degli Aztechi, Mazunte deriverebbe da maxontetia, parola che significherebbe «ti prego di deporre le uova», un’esortazione che rimanderebbe alla millenaria abitudine delle tartarughe che nella memoria del Dna hanno questa zona come luogo ideale per riprodursi...

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